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  If you enjoy tales of courage with a twist, you'll enjoy:

Gutsy Tales Off the Rails

Published by KWE Press, August 25, 2018, available now on

This book of 9 gutsy tales by men and women who gathered their courage to take a giant step in their lives, includes the story Pam Rambo's own unlikely educational journey. When you read her story, you'll understand why Pam Rambo loves to help teenagers realize their potential and why she thinks parents hold the key to their children's success.



Pam Rambo makes presentations at meetings and conferences for educators, parents, financial services professionals and students. 

Speaking is as much a profession for Pam as education. As a member of the National Speaker's Association, Past President of the Virginia Speaker's Association, past Dean of the Pro Track Speaking Academy and Toastmaster, she is a professionally trained and entertaining speaker. 

The key to Pam's success as a speaker in college admissions, financial aid and scholarships is her unique combination and depth of experience in those areas. Added to that is her ability to understand family dynamics and teenagers and her natural sense of humor that touches people where they live. 

Parents say that Pam speaks teenager as a second language and has an uncanny ability to understand them and their teens. Educators say that she has an impressive command of her topic and bonds with their staff, students and parents. Financial services professionals enjoy the way she links pertinent financial aid and scholarship processes to the services that they provide to families.

All of Pam's keynote addresses are tailored to meet the objectives of the event. Let her reach your audience and deliver the content they need, answer their questions and entertain them.

Popular Presentation Topics:

  • You wouldn't let your kids drive a lemon-don't let them graduate from one
  • College admission for students who learn differently
  • How to Jump Start Children in the College Process
  • Paying for College with Other People's Money
  • How to Help Your Teenager to Choose the Right Major
  • Grandparents to the Rescue: How Parents are Helping their Adult Children with the College Process for their Grandchildren

Call Pam to discuss ways in which she can add value to your next conference, workshop or meeting at 757-903-6511. 

Endorsement Quotes from Branch Out

“Pam Rambo has the "it factor" and don't you think you should have "it" at your program? That's right you should! ” Christine Walters, Virginia Speakers Association

“Pamela T Rambo is a resource any college bound student or parent should seek out. She goes above and beyond to help .” Leslie Coonradt, Met Life

“Pam is an excellent public speaker who combines humor with serious content.” Sandy Farrell, Virginia State Library

“It has been a pleasure to watch Pam's business grow this past year. Her expertise with education, funding and counseling is outstanding.” Grace Rutledge, Grace Under Fire LLC

Locations/Organizations for Some of Pam's Presentations

Morgan Stanley and Met Life, Richmond, Va.

Montgomery College Scholarship Conference at the Universities at Shady Grove Center in Rockville, Md.

Virginia Community College System Statewide Student Leadership Conference, Williamsburg, Va.

National Conference on Student Services, Los Angeles, Ca.

Williamsburg Kiwanis Club, Williamsburg, Va.

Colonial Capital Kiwanis Club, Williamsburg, Va.

Virginia Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators New Aid Officers Conference, Hampton, Va.

National College Access Conference, Las Vegas, NV

Southern Association for College Registrars and Admissions Officers, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Honeywell, Bull User's Group, Norfolk, Va.

Society of Government Meeting Planners, Williamsburg, Va.

Williamsburg Christian Academy, Williamsburg, Va.

Self Esteem Conference, Richmond, Va.

Providence Classical School, Williamsburg, Va.

Catholic Charities, Baltimore, Md.

Virginia Women's Conference, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va.

Pam Rambo is a member of the National Speaker's Association and adheres to NSA

ethical standards and professionalism.

Business Office Location:

3101 Parkside Lane

Williamsburg, VA 23185



Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: 2PM - 5PM

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