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Commonly Asked Questions:

Question: Why do parents and grandparents seek help with the college process for their children and grandchildren?


ANSWER: Parents see that their kids need support. Grand-

parents see that their kids and grandkids are of different minds about college decisions. The whole family realizes how critical this decision is to the career success of the student and everyone would like to save on costs.


Why don't high school students ask for college admission help?  


The answers they get when they do ask for help are often not helpful to them because adults often give advice based on their own college application experience. Since the college application experience of today's teen is so different from teachers and parents, advice is often out-dated. Because of social media, they are well-informed and want more depth in answers and appreciate conciseness

Question: Why is college so expensive?


Today's families are the most discriminating college consumers in history. They want more value, more amenities and a quality global education that leads to professional employment. Colleges are competing for their dollars and have invested heavily to rise to the occasion. The result is more cost. Since loan programs, scholarships and grants have not been able to keep pace with cost increases, the difference is passed on to the student consumer.

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