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Is Your Student Ready for College?

Your son or daughter is bright and excited about starting college. Having done well in high school, there is the expectation that they will continue to do well academically in college. But there is a good (and overlooked) reason that barely half of all college students stay in college through graduation; they do not know how to study in college.

Studying in college is quite different from studying in high school, even in AP classes. So your straight A, high SAT or ACT score student might not earn the type of GPA to which they have become accustomed once they hit college. This experience hits students hard. They can experience depression, self esteem issues and sometimes drop out of college.

You can help decrease college failure for your teen before they go to college by giving them the gift of learning how to study in their new environment. They need to be ready for the volume of reading they will face as well as the volume of work.

Rambo Research and Consulting offers a College Study Skills Program for students. Some of the students who take the course are high school students preparing for college. Others are college students who are struggling.

If your son or daughter needs to assess their readiness for college study, give us a call at 757-903-6511 or email us at We work with students in person, by phone and online.


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