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 Supporting Students, Parents, and Grandparents through Individual Advising Services

College Advising Philosophy

Students do best when they have the information they need, expert mentoring through the college process and family support. We provide college counseling that supports parents and students during the process.

Our Role in the Process

We offer college admission counseling, college scholarship advising, college major assessment and college financial aid process support. 

Our goal

We add information and college counseling support that makes the process more efficient, less stressful and 

provide counseling that helps students and parents feel confident about the process and achieve the best outcomes.

We serve students virtually online and by phone

Parents of students who learn differently will find an encouraging approach at Rambo Research. Our goal is to level the playing field for students who face significant challenges in the college process. Contact us for a free introductory college counseling meeting to determine how we can support your family in the college process. 

We are available 12 months of the year, seven days a week to provide day and evening individual college counseling and admission help and scholarship services to parents and students. Best of all, our inexpensive flat rate plan is affordable and our services save money, reduce parent stress and increase student confidence. 

Let us change the life of someone in your family!

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