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College Return on Investment (ROI)

Going to college is an important investment. Researchers at MIT have calculated that it costs students $500,000 NOT to go to college (when college cost and the average increase in earnings as a result of college degrees are taken into consideration).

College Advising ROI 

Working with an educational consultant ensures college investment by helping students choose the right major and college so that they graduate and complete their degrees on time. Professional college advisors help families navigate college process, harmoniously make college choices and some also help access available scholarships and grants. They also help families become good education consumers and avoid 

needless costs. The cost of the average college advisor's services is approximately 4% of the cost of four years of college. Rambo Research and Consulting offers comprehensive services including scholarship and financial aid at very reasonable rates.

Average US College Degree Investment-2014: $96,616*

Average US College Advisor Fee-2014: $4,000**

  *Source: US Department of Education 2015

**Source: Independent College Advisors Association 2014

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