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Scholarship Q & A

Why do a few students seem to get so many scholarships?

The liklihood of winning a scholarship from a college is increased when a student's academic and other qualifications are competitive for a college. Students who apply for more competitive schools often find that the competition for scholarships is more robust.

Why are students sometimes reluctant to apply for college $?

Finding scholarships is just half the battle. Sometimes students will not apply for scholarships because they have to write an essay. We help students understand essay mechanics and help them consider the best experiences and accomplishments to write about.

What scholarships should students seek?

Students should apply for scholarships that are advertised by their high school, community organizations and their college. There are also national scholarship competitions that students can enter. Students should compete for scholarships that are related to their strengths: academic, volunteer or talent. Rambo Research helps students locate potential scholarship information and encourages them to complete scholarships for which they are well qualified.

What scholarships should students avoid?

Students should avoid any scholarship that asks for an application fee or more personal information than is requested by other scholarships. Students should also consider the amount of work that an application will require in relation to the potential payoff and academic workload that the student is carrying. Applications for which the workload is so large that it would jeopardize grades in school should be avoided.

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