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Is my college safe?

Posted on November 12, 2013 at 11:32 AM
Campus safety is a concern of parents as the high school seniors at home apply to colleges across the country. To learn about safety on a campus, parents can attend college days, go on college tours, ready campus websites and also interview college personnel by phone. Before doing that, parents can go online to: to read about campus security related topics and check up on the crime statistics for any campus at:
Parents can prepare their college bound children for a safe campus experience by educating them about safety issues and steps they should take to be safe while on campus. Families should have a regularly scheduled communication pattern with children who are away at college to check in and a communication plan in the event of an emergency. Students need to know about steps to take in the event of a fire or other emergency. Ask about those things at college visits and make sure your child understands. Because most colleges are considered public places, your child will encounter people on campus who are not college staff or enrolled students. It is good for students to be aware of that so that they are not caught off guard because of a false sense of security.
Most college campuses are very safe places to send your family. The most prevalent crime is burglary and robbery. However there are crimes against persons reported on campus and surrounding areas and in dorms. Keep in mind that the campus crime statistics only include reported crimes and do not have prosecution statistics.
Knowing what has occurred in the past on campus, gives parents an idea of what questions they should ask. So if robberies were a problem in 2012, parents might want to ask college personnel what steps have been taken to reduce robberies on campus. Some of the measures campuses have been taking are:
  • upgraded security systems for building entry and buildings & grounds surveillance
  • increased security staffing
  • secured funding through the COPS program
  • engaged city or county law enforcement cooperation and assistance
  • improved lighting on campus
  • educated students and staff on campus safety
  • added late evening transportation
  • improved campus alert systems to warn students about known campus threats
Threats on a campus can come from within. Among measures that campuses have taken, post Va. Tech shooting, include:
  • providing an increased array of mental health services
  • having a clear protocol for referring troubled students or staff on campus to appropriate services
  • educating faculty and staff about early warning signs that someone might be a threat to themselves or others
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