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College recruitment is not just for athletes

Posted on November 4, 2013 at 9:53 AM
Recruitment is not just for athletes anymore. Most parents are familiar with the movie (and real life) scenario where the coach from BIG TIME U visits a game or comes to the home of a promising high school athlete. But did you know that the admissions officers from BIG TIME U may also be looking for your kid who does not know a goal post from a hockey stick?
That's right, your kid could be a hot commodity in college admission circles. Why? Students are also recruited because of standardized test scores, grades and academic recognition that occurs outside of school in special programs. They are also sought after because of leadership achievement in areas like scouting and school and community, their plan to pursue a college major that is in high demand, special artistic and other skills and heritage. Sometimes it is a combination of all these that makes a high school senior or junior attractive.
Yes, even juniors are targets of recruitment.
Here's how non-athletic recruitment often occurs. You or your kid get an email or a letter. The letter may invite you and/or your kid to a special program, summer institute or to apply early. The invitation to apply early often has the admissions fee waived, a shorter application and no essay.
While most of these invitations are sincere, there are some that are less interested in your specific kid and more interested in increasing enrollment or application fee revenue or application to acceptance ratios. The good news is that your kid does not have to be an athletic standout to be highly sought after by colleges. Most offers have a deadline of some sort. Talk to your kid about sharing such emails with you so that he does not miss out on an opportunity because he thinks it is spam.

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