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Will My College Be Open?

Posted on July 22, 2020 at 11:37 AM
In a word, yes, your college will be open this fall. The question is: how open will it be? College presidents are closely following the requirements in their states which differ greatly from one another. If you are going to a college in Virginia, you will be entering a hybrid approach where some of the year will be in person (covid-19 permitting) and some will be virtual. If you are planning to enter a college in South Carolina, you are likely to be attending college in person. At most colleges, golf and cross country might be competing but many sports are either on hold or seriously cut-back in activity due to the risk of infection.

Looking at college models, a few are opening on an in-person basis for freshmen only in fall and seniors only in spring to allow the students the colleges feel are most critical in fall and spring to attend in person with a private room. Others are opening in person but having students eat with their roommates in cafeterias and stay within a close group of fellow roommates to restrict contact outside class. Many colleges are also allowing students to choose if they want to attend in person or virtually this fall. That option allows students who prefer to be online this fall and those with health challenges to stay home if they prefer. One thing that will be required just about everywhere is a good supply of masks for students and staff.

It is likely that every student attending college in 2020-21 will encounter a virtual aspect of their experience for their own safety and health. Scientists have found that covid-19 is a vascular disease rather than a respiratory disease. It can affect many areas of the body including the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and skin. 

Colleges are ramping up health services, setting up protocols for student health monitoring and re-visiting every aspect of campus life to keep students safe. Parents should also become well-informed and share the seriousness of the virus with their kids so that they will know that. even though they are young, they can be seriously disabled or die if they contract the virus.

Categories: Campus Safety