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Should I take SAT Subject Tests?

Posted on March 16, 2016 at 5:03 PM
SAT Subject Tests are of value for two reasons. The first benefit is that students who earn a score of between 3 and 5 may receive college credit depending on the score that their college requires in order to grant credit for a particular course. The second benefit is that taking one or more SAT Subject Tests can help a student gain admission to colleges or universities. 

SAT Subject Tests are taken through The College Board. Registration for the tests is done on The College Board website and there is a fee to register. Tests are taken on the day an SAT test is administered. Students can take up to three subject tests in one day but they cannot take a subject test the same day they take the SAT test.

Students should take SAT Subject Tests after they have taken the highest level of a course in which they excel. That means a student could take an SAT Subject Test as early as 10th grade. Colleges that require an SAT Subject Test for admission often require that the student take two subject tests. 

SAT Subject Tests represent another cost for families. However, the credits granted could save parents thousands of dollars in college tuition and help students graduate from college early.

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