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College Talk Blog

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Bang Bang University

Posted on December 15, 2015 at 10:18 AM
I can't think of two words that present more opposite visions from each other than gun and college. But guns do have a place on campus:

  • campus police who protect campus
  • firearms training for law enforcement students
  • practice for rifle team competitions
  • ROTC training

I can't think of other places to have guns on campus that would serve a reasonable purpose. However, the president of Liberty University has decided that guns should be everywhere on campus including student housing. His intentions are to protect students by allowing students to have guns on campus. 

My concerns about his plan are many. 

  • From a developmental standpoint, college students are still maturing. They are more impulsive and less patient at 18 than they will be later. Maturity goes hand in hand with gun safety.
  • College is supposed to be a place where students can explore new ideas and express themselves. Imagine the dynamics of class discussions when everyone is armed. Will that change what people are willing to say?
  • College is a stressful environment where tempers can flare over  things like math grades and relationships. Do we need to add guns to that equation?
  • Students who enroll in college come in varying levels of wellness both mentally and physically. How will colleges ascertain who can and cannot have a gun on campus? 

I hope the president of Liberty University prayerfully reconsiders his position. 

Categories: Campus Safety