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It's not what you write your essay about but how

Posted on July 23, 2015 at 9:51 PM
This is essay season for students who want to have the most competitive college applications this fall. The days between now and Labor Day are best used working on the signature essay college applicants should prepare. Time spent on essay prep now means that this critical piece of college admission work won't interfere with senior year homework.

When a prospective college student writes an admission essay, he should be the star, even if indirectly. Describing what happened on a mission trip is great but unless the essay provides tidbits about the character or personality of the writer the reader won't gain much if any knowledge about the writer. Remember that the fact that a student went on a mission trip is already located on another part of the admission application.

The admission essay is a wonderful chance for students to tell their story and for colleges to see the unique attributes of students.

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