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College Talk Blog

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Making the most of summer vacation

Posted on June 7, 2015 at 4:16 PM
Teens need a rest after the school year ends to re-charge their batteries. However, after a two-week break, students should be ready for a summer of activity that will enhance what they learned in school. Teens can expand their knowledge and skill over the summer with a combination of a few of the following experiences:

  • summer jobs
  • forming a teen book club and reading for pleasure
  • reading literature likely to be assigned during the next school year
  • a summer credit or non-credit class 
  • a standardized test prep program
  • travel
  • mission trips
  • community volunteer activity
  • writing a summer journal or blog that can provide ideas for college essays later
  • visits to prospective colleges
  • searching for scholarships
  • volunteering to help with a local vacation bible school
  • shadowing a professional to experience a career field
  • participating in an internship to gain experience
  • planning the next school year in terms of academic and extracurricular goals
  • starting or continuing a portfolio in an area of skill such as art, writing, photography, acting, technology, science, voice or musical instruments

Categories: To-do lists