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Getting ready for fall SAT and ACT Testing

Posted on June 22, 2014 at 10:00 PM
This summer is a great time to study for the ACT and SAT tests that will be given in September and October of 2014.

Many students either buy a book off the websites or in the bookstore to study or study on the SAT and ACT websites. Others enroll in a formal SAT test preparation program. An additional step that students can take to get ready is to get extra help in areas where they are weak. 

A good math tutor can help a student with problems in the test prep books and help the student understand any items they get wrong on the sample tests in the book.

There is no one best strategy for preparation. Reading over the summer helps the critical reading portion because students keep their reading speed and comprehension skills current. Writing also helps on the writing portion. Students should choose the strategy that works best for them and not put off getting started.

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