Right Major + Right College = Career Success - Helping you get where you were meant to be.
Middle school students enjoy discussing their college options.Middle school is the diving board to high school
Too many high school freshmen flounder as they adjust. Help your teen hit the ground running
We assess and develop:
  • Current readiness for high school
  • The best academic/activity plan
  • Current skills and interests as a precursor to high school course selection

So that You Can
  • Create an advantage for your child
  • Understand what they must accomplish in high school
  • Prepare yourself for what's coming
Because We Know
  • Good choices in early high school pay off
  • High school freshmen can flounder
  • It is difficult to catch up from a slow start
Enroll in our High School Fast Track Program for middle school graduates approaching the first year of high school!

Reserve a space early. 

Fees cover: assessment report, academic and activity advising and academic advising.
High School Fast Track is an individual student enrichment program in which your middle school graduate is assessed for high school success and advised on a high school academic and activity plan designed to put them in the most competitive position for high school success in preparation for  college admission.

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