Right Major + Right College = Career Success - Helping you get where you were meant to be.
College Admissions Counseling and Support
We Help You by Managing the College Process:
  •  personal assessment
  •  academic assessment
  •  college choice
  •  major choice
  •  admission task planning
  •  essay topic choice
  •  college form review
  •  scholarship identification
  •  interview prep
  •  portfolio prep
  •  financial aid process guidance
  •  financial aid/scholarship offer interpretation
So that Your Teen can
  • get accepted at the right college
  • have increased access to scholarships
  • avoid the cost/risk of dropping out
  • graduate on time
Because We Know
  • choosing colleges and majors is complicated
  • the right major helps students graduate on time
  • the right college helps the student reach full potential

Don't apply to colleges at the last minute. 
Teens are incredibly smart...but that does not mean they will not make any mistakes if they fire off admission applications at the last minute. Last minute applications look like last minute applications. The best approach involves starting early as a junior preparing required information and essay topics. Once applications open, students can work on applications at their leisure. They don't have to hit the "SEND" button until they are ready and within the timeline of their admission submission strategy.

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